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Enroll your device into Zoom Device Management with a token provided from the web portal. Disabled, empty. The following options can be enabled and must be entered as the combined numeric value of all the options you want enabled as the string value: 1 — Turn off video when joining a meeting. Disable UAC prompt when logging into Zoom. Block connections to untrusted SSL certificates. Allow specific URLs to be trusted and bypass the untrusted certificate prompt if the certificate is revoked.

Disable Certificate Pinning. Set a proxy server for desktop client as named proxy. Example: server: port. Set proxy bypass rule for the desktop client. Prevent audio traffic over proxies. Prevent video traffic over proxies. Prevent screen sharing traffic over proxies. BandwidthLimitUp, amount. Set maximum sending bandwidth for the desktop client. String all values in Kbps.

BandwidthLimitDown, amount. Set maximum receiving bandwidth for the desktop client. Ignore bandwidth limit set on web settings. Useful for exceptions to bandwidth restrictions. If enabled, the client will use the following ports for media transmission: Audio: Screen share: Video: Zoom desktop client starts an elevated video process to support advanced DSCP marking.

Disable all direct connections to Zoom web service. Remove Facebook login option. Remove Google login option. Remove SSO login option. Remove Email login option. Require fresh SSO login upon client start. Require fresh Google login upon client start. Require fresh Facebook login upon client start. Keep the user signed in to the client when relaunched. Email login only. Defaults login to SSO. Use embedded browser in the client for SSO. SetWebDomain, domain. Sets the web domain for logging in or joining a meeting.

Enables login with phone authentication. Enables login with Alipay authentication. Enables login with QQ authentication. Enables login with WeChat authentication. Restrict the client to only join meetings hosted by the specified account IDs. Enable the option to switch between Zoom commercial default and Zoom for Gov. Require users to be authenticated before joining a meeting with the desktop client.

Require authentication on the desktop client to join any meeting on the desktop client. Require users to be authenticated before joining a webinar with the desktop client. Require authentication on the desktop client to join any webinar on the desktop client. Require internal meeting authentication. General meeting and client options.

Enable dual monitor mode. When starting or joining a meeting, the meeting window will enter full-screen. Set use of Always show meeting controls setting. Options: 1. Meeting Options : Disabled by default. The values and options enabled are as follows: 1: Disable Video Camera 2: Automatically join VoIP recommended 4: Automatically enable dual monitor Automatically enter full screen when viewing shared content Automatically fit to window when viewing shared content Enable p Remote control all applications To enable multiple settings, add the values.

This setting enables the Zoom application to launch in the background everytime you startup Windows. The Zoom installer creates a desktop shortcut by default.

This settings allows you to disable logging into Zoom with either Facebook or Google authentication. Always make sure to test everything in a development environment prior to implementing anything into production. PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application. With the Zoom Room Controller app you can remotely control the zoom room and join meetings from anywhere with an internet connection.

The app is free and is available on App Store and Google Play. The Zoom Rooms controller app is a free app for your Zoom meeting room.



Download for Windows – Zoom.List of Zoom Installers for Zoom Application and Plugins

The Zoom desktop client can be installed and configured in bulk for Windows in three different ways: via the MSI installer for both configuration and. A Zoom MSI installer is available for users that require Zoom to be installed on more than one user profile. Download Zoom MSI installer.


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