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Now, simply click on the Get button to initiate the process of transitioning Windows 11 in S-Mode to Windows 11 Home. You need to stay on the process page and avoid opening any different page or process. To switch out of S-Mode in Windows 11, right-click on the Start menu button in the Taskbar below and select Settings. Alternatively, you can also open the Start menu and search for Settings or press Win+I keys on your keyboard to directly open Settings. The whole idea of using Windows on a system is the ability to use your existing software . Restricting content to «store only» makes S Mode equal to ChromeBook, so there’s no advantage for switching.

That key phrase there is “all eligible Windows 10 devices”. Because not all devices that support Windows 10 will be capable of running Windows 11. Microsoft has also taken a leaf out of Google’s book with regards to updates. The intrusive security updates will be a thing of the past, with Microsoft promising updates that are 40 per cent smaller and that will run in the background. The downside is that a PC updated this way may not be eligible for all future Windows 11 updates, which could pose a security risk. Perhaps the best reason to upgrade, however, is to be on track for further feature and security updates.

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It will fix speed-reducing problems and delete junk files that may affect the efficiency of your PC. You don’t need to restart the PC for it to take effect. You can just go ahead and install .exe apps now in addition to the Microsoft Store apps. The big difference between Windows 10 S and any other version of Windows 10 is that 10 S can only run apps downloaded from Windows Store. All other versions of Windows 10 have the ability to install apps from third-party websites and stores, like most Windows versions before it.

  • If the user decides to uninstall Windows 98, all converted files are lost.
  • If you come across any issues while switching off S Mode in Windows 11 using the above-mentioned steps, then you need you can follow the steps mentioned in this method.
  • Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page.
  • You can also drag the positioning slider to the left or right to adjust the window size.

So, don’t maximize the windows you want to put into the corners. Instead, let it hang somewhere in the middle and proceed with the above key combination. Please note the Windows + Up/Down arrows also work as shortcuts to maximize/restore the windows. Still, we’ll also try to replicate this with the keyboard shortcuts.


Retail Win95 upgrade cds had dark blue lettering and the back ground image is the same only shaded light blue in colour. Same product code and part no. as shown above in shaminos picture. Looking at the brochures included there was an icon after installation to sign on tho the msn network. There’s no Internet Explorer Starter Kit in my 3 packs, just some promotional docs, COA, rego.

If you cherish simple things like how Windows 7 worked, you will indeed like Windows 11. While some users could always access Android apps on their Windows 10 PC, the latest OS marks the first time everyone can download Android apps to their computer. It gives PC gamers some of the best features of Xbox gaming.

You can use hotkeys to move the window between tiles in the desired direction. You will see the rest of the open windows in the empty portion on the other side. Select the window that you want to show up on that side. One of the main attractions of working on desktop is the large screens on offer, with most laptops coming in 13in, 15in or even 17in variants.

Unlike the original Windows 11 release, it won’t be a massive update with radical design changes. The official release date for Windows 11 is October 5, but Microsoft is planning to roll it out gradually over the next few months to prevent widespread problems. After reading a number of these Window download drivers 11 feature articles I have yet to find a reason to switch. I first thought is how much will it cost to give me my current look and feel.

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